In addition to wearing sneakers and collection, also can be done?

In addition to wearing sneakers and collection, also can be done? The hands of the artist Federico Uribe in Colombia, which has become reconstruction of the natural expression of human nature (Human Nature) design elements. Uribe's masterpiece "Human Nature" to spend 10 thousand pairs of PUMA sneakers out a realistic way to restore "Nature": golden, "Sun", Lvyin Yin's "forest", climbing the branches of the "monkey" to drink " giraffe, "gentle softly," Zebra "... ... The real animals with similar size sculptures, each by more than 700 pairs of PUMA shoes and pieces of wood, wire and shoelaces made of thousands of roots. Which a blood red "Tiger" in particular wonderful: it look sharp, as if about to from the "grass" in the leap out of the front to attack prey. Federico Uribe was born in 1962 in Colombia, and many years living in Miami brightly under the sun bathing. Early in the painting work on the sculpture of his interest in the following, we often bottle mouth, coins, screws, and from the stall at Amoy to the fingertips of small objects, as material, bonding to the sculpture together. With color, shape, texture, line, symbol and other aspects of the creative application of sensitivity and unique ability, Uribe quickly become the contemporary concept of the outstanding creative artists, his works also have exhibitors around the world. Uribe's talent was soon discovered PUMA company, as the world's leading sports brands and sports lifestyle advocates, PUMA companies are very willing to work with talented artists and designers around the world have to cooperate, and the obligation to provide support and assistance. PUMA's product philosophy is that through technological innovation and revolutionary design to bring unexpected surprises of life - a design style with Uribe had a strong resonance. Uribe more opportunities and Mihara Yasuhiro, Alexander McQueen, Alexander von Slobbe PUMA Queen's top designers such cooperation. Uribe began his 2006's PUMA sneakers art. "When I began dealing with  Chaussures Puma I naturally start thinking: they come from? Oh, nature! Nature has given us everything needed for life, so, I have praised her wishes, and shoes produced using natural materials to reconstruct the idea. "raccoons, lizards, rabbits, swans, parrots ... ... Uribe shoes of different styles according to the production of inspiration, to restore them into lifelike sculpture, named" Human Nature ". The series of works received recognition PUMA, was made into a series of ads in billboards around the world and magazines. "I think all animals are human. My hope is that every pair of shoes have brought back to its original environment, that is, a vivid, vibrant animals. Although I can not give their real life, but can still give them a kind of echo of life - which is where I think the art. "Uribe said.

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